Here are 10 things I want you to know about me (Hugh Fraser) at OTB Farm Solutions

  1. I’m from a dairy farm, but I’ve been on every type of farm and more farms than anyone in Ontario
  2. I’ve spent a career earning the respect of farmers and I understand the importance of confidentiality
  3. I understand the difficulty of farming within the urban shadow where farmers are vastly outnumbered by non-farmers
  4. I give great presentations at meetings because I show lots of pictures, tell things honestly and use lots of humour
  5. I’ve given expert witness evidence under oath over 20 times on farm matters and performed 100s of hours of mediation
  6. I’m good at explaining technical things to non-technical people, because non-techies far outnumber techies
  7. I’m passionate about barns built in the 1800s and I have a 272 page, hard-covered, colour book available for sale about Niagara’s swing beam barns built circa 1819 to 1884
  8. I always underpromise, then overachieve to give clients more than they thought they would get
  9. I believe it has been a very, very bad day if you don’t laugh out loud at least once…and hopefully at yourself!
  10. I speak farmer-language and think outside-the-barn with ideas that might challenge conventional thinking